21st Century Fox

We helped News Corp embark on a path to a digital business with a prototype, visual language and financial model.

Google Cloud

We positioned Google Cloud as an industry innovator by creating a thought-leadership editorial platform.

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We supported the launch of new devices and adoption of Samsung services with research-driven product marketing strategies.

Johnson & Johnson

We supported HR by connecting a workforce of 125K+ employees with an AI-powered chatbot.


We supported deeper relationships with industry influencers through a dynamic editorial platform for product exploration.

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We uncovered and validated new ways of engaging moms and kids and improving the overall shopping experience.


We realigned Virgin.com with their brand values by developing a content strategy that could be led by disrupters in art, music, and technology.

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Google Store

We consolidated its ecommerce offering into one site with product education and a clear path to purchase.


We enhanced Mastercard’s brand value by redesigning the user experience for Love This City.

Think with Google

We revealed the creative power of data by designing an immersive experience for marketers.

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Just Eat

We refined the customer service journey by developing a design system and scalable product architecture.

west elm WORKSPACE

We reimagined the customer shopping journey by uncovering their audiences and designing a new digital channel.

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Warner Bros.

We expanded the reach of Warner Brothers Studio Tour London’s offering with a scalable digital platform.

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We conceived the Emergency Response feature, better connecting their users when it matters most.


We helped NSPCC protect kids online by educating families about the risks and trends of abuse on prominent networks and games.

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Wall Street Journal

We developed and validated new advertising revenue streams through rapid innovation, prototyping, and testing.

Google Play

We leveraged mobile gaming to envision new ways of driving engagement at point of sale.

Ithaca College

We scaled their digital communications by reconfiguring their website for a constantly changing audience.

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We revealed the power and breadth of Snapchat's advertising products with an immersive digital learning experience.

Together in Heart Failure

We improved awareness and perception of the disease by building a digital community for caregivers and advocacy groups.

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Dow Jones

We realigned Mansion Global's digital platform to better reflect their brand and reach their target audience.

Google Retail

We helped increase hardware sales by developing a digital training platform for retail partners teams, at scale.


We reimagined how to bridge digital and physical customer experience at WeWork to sustain member retention and build value.

New York Academy of Sciences

We partnered with the New York Academy of Sciences to accelerate the STEM education-to-career pipeline.

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We guided visitors through BrandCast by building an interactive app that updated in real time.

Google For Education

We helped bring digital education tools to life through interactive demos that can be presented to educators, school administrators and school leaders online or offline.


We helped drive revenue by developing a product strategy for selling and displaying a new type of Premier Editorial content.


We motivated parents to turn outrage into action through an interactive site that revealed the tobacco industry's marketing toward kids.

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We helped bring the magic of Google to the global workforce by communicating the benefits of Android to an IT audience.


We helped foster a culture of creativity by reimagining their internal employee portal.

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