The California Tobacco Control Program needed a product that raised digital awareness around their latest campaign, prompted conversations for parents about flavored tobacco marketing tactics and statistics in an easily digestible manner, and provided clear and easy paths to activism.


The campaign had a tight turnaround, so we worked closely alongside CTCP and their advertising agency, Duncan Channon, to conceive, design, and build a site that preserved the intensity of the TV and out-of-home campaigns, bringing it to life in the digital space.


The immersive design not only illustrates the dangers surrounding the marketing of flavored tobacco, but provides users with the tools to become advocates in their community through various modular experiences--including a letter generator for users to send notes to their local mayor. Over 7,000 letters have been sent, and over 27,000 users have engaged with the product's quiz.

User-friendly Information Architecture

We crafted small modular experiences throughout the site that are fun to interact with but also effectively communicate the deceptive nature of flavored tobacco products. With such a wide breadth of information to share, we needed a format that was easy to understand and incredibly engaging.

Immersive Design

The visual design is all about contrast. By juxtaposing rainbow gradients and playful imagery with gritty and dark visual elements, we were able to highlight the uncomfortable and at times predatory nature of the tobacco industry.

Agile, Data-Driven Iteration

With 5 weeks to concept, design and build the site, we were constantly re-prioritizing modules and design features to ensure that we arrived at a solid MVP. We optimized for a user experience that allowed us to track behavior and assess campaign effectiveness. The site hinges on calls to action, where the user can either draft a letter to their mayor, sign up for a local coalition, or share social cards across social media‚Äďall important KPIs to monitor.