We accelerate transformative customer experiences.

Using design and technology to create beautiful experiences that transform the world around us.

We build new products and services

We build new products and services

Through learning, testing and hyper-efficient iteration, we design and build experiences that meet and anticipate business goals and human needs.

We identify growth opportunities

We identify growth opportunities

Using lean research and design methods, we cut through our clients’ unique complexities and rapidly discover opportunities for unforeseen growth and innovation.

We transform user experiences

We transform user experiences

By prioritizing people, we’re able to design high-performing programs and systems that cultivate truly meaningful relationships.

We enable sustainable innovation

We enable sustainable innovation

Everything we create has the future in mind. By providing flexible and scalable thinking and technology, we empower enterprising brands to keep dreaming big and doing bigger.

Leadership Team

  • Nick Rappolt, CEO

    Nick Rappolt

  • Karyn Pascoe, Chief Creative Officer

    Karyn Pascoe

    Chief Creative Officer
  • Tom Denning, Chief Operations Officer

    Tom Denning

    Chief Operations Officer
  • Charlie Lyons, General Manager - London

    Charlie Lyons

    General Manager - London
  • Sam Smith, General Manager - San Francisco

    Sam Smith

    General Manager - San Francisco
  • Matthew Basford, General Manager - New York

    Matthew Basford

    General Manager - New York
  • Kate Rand, Director, People - UK

    Kate Rand

    Director, People - UK
  • Melissa Elza, Director, People - NA

    Melissa Elza

    Director, People - NA
  • Judy Gibbons, Chair

    Judy Gibbons


Advisory Board

  • Matthew Iliffe, Co-Founder, Beyond

    Matthew Iliffe

    Co-Founder, Beyond
  • Jenai Marinkovic, Consultant, Technology & Information Security

    Jenai Marinkovic

    Consultant, Technology & Information Security
  • Kim Milosevich, Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

    Kim Milosevich

    Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
  • Nick Fox, Partner - Director of External Relations, Virgin Management

    Nick Fox

    Partner - Director of External Relations, Virgin Management
  • Trevor Johnson, Global Agency Team, Facebook

    Trevor Johnson

    Global Agency Team, Facebook

Beyond is part of the Next Fifteen Communications Group, an AIM listed company.