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We helped west elm reinvent workspaces everywhere by creating a new home for their Workspace brand in just 6 weeks. Who says the office has to be monotonous?

Work is being redesigned. Creativity, customization and flexibility are critical to the modern office space, as the nature of our work and the people who do it becomes more varied and diverse.  In a world where the lines between the home and the workplace are blurring who says we can’t have offices as beautiful as our homes?

With some of the most stunning and elegant residential furniture on the market, people don’t normally associate a brand like west elm with the dreary, fluorescent trappings of your typical office. But as a global leader in designing for people first, west elm wants to change how we think about the workplace.

Our role was to work with west elm to bring this vision to life and help grow an entirely new category for west elm’s business. And, we had to do it fast.

The task at hand was to redesign their primary customer-facing digital channel,, in under six weeks— in time for the major industry conference NeoCon 2016. To make the most of this time, we ruthlessly adhered to a lean design and development process to get the highest quality product to market as quickly as possible.

To figure out who we wanted to reach, we conducted a battery of interviews with merchants, webmasters, furniture dealers, west elm salespeople, and internal stakeholders so we could get a strong idea of current customer needs and preferences. We distilled this down to what we saw as the two primary audiences for the West Elm Workspace: direct customers and furniture dealers, with a greater emphasis on the customers.

When it was time to hit the ground running, we worked together. Beyond was responsible for the site’s code and design, while west elm provided the product information. During development, we wanted to examine the back end infrastructure to make sure every element of the site was built to west elm’s needs, particularly when it came to the ease of updating and adding new products.

Our redesign emphasized the products themselves, completely overhauling product page templates and examples to better showcase their imagery. We also prioritized creating a clear and consistent informational hierarchy for product information on each page. We then built the editorial portions of the page around this hierarchy, to create a unified design experience.

With the help of a focused team and a strong collaborative partner in west elm, we were able to successfully launch the new Workspace site at NeoCon, right on schedule. NeoCon was particularly successful for west elm this year, as they won a #MetropolisLikes award for their work as featured on the new,

The reaction from dealers using the new Workspace has already been positive. Most importantly, we helped West Elm create an experience that elevates  the story of their brand into new frontiers.

And if you need a more inspired office environment, west elm workspace is ready for you.

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