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A completely reimagined presence - one that ensures the core brand values of one of the world’s most famous brands shines through every step of the way

Virgin wanted a platform through which their core brand values effortlessly flowed. It had to adhere to these values:

  • Smart Disruption
  • Straight Up
  • Insatiable Curiosity
  • Heartfelt Service
  • Delightfully Surprising
  • Red Hot


What did we do?

When Beyond met Virgin, we really hit it off. But Virgin had a problem.

We (indefinitely) booked out the biggest room in the office, stocked it full of post-it notes and coffee and got to work. An extensive research and social listening program revealed that the Virgin brand was hot, but it wasn’t capitalising on key audience interest content themes such as music, travel and entrepreneurship. We wireframed a complete site overhaul and developed a content strategy that would reinvigorate the Virgin brand with an injection of creativity. And most important of all was the need to serve the Virgin audience the right content at the right time.

The star of the show: The Kinetic Engine

Beyond developed a piece of technology called “The Kinetic Engine”. Within The Kinetic Engine an algorithm assessed the type of content that users were consuming and which section of the website users were consuming it. Based on these users habits, hyper-relevant content recommendations were made, delivering a more immersive, meaningful and and engaging experience to the user.



unique views per month


uplift in time on site


reduction in bounce rate


increase in page views per visit

Raising the bar

The site was designed to be fully responsive and was inspired by research that showed users were dual-screening at home in the evening (enjoying “me time”), consuming editorial content at the same time. We developed a sophisticated ‘lean back’ vs ‘lean forward’ user experience. For ‘lean back’ mode we deliver immersive content, which makes full use of Virgin’s rich visual imagery archive and enables easy integration of long-form content and flexible editorial control. For ‘lean forward’ we enable users to discover related content, find a Virgin brand, and quickly search for further information.

The future of

As part of the ongoing content strategy, we came up with the ‘Virgin Disruptors’ – a live event, content and social media program to help Virgin identify and engage with the most disruptive innovators of tomorrow. We imagined what would happen if Burning Man went on a date with TEDx – a mixture of Virgin values – some crazy, some sane – but always visionary and provocative. It allows Virgin to act as a catalyst for change with the help of super smart people around the world – drawn from the social web and the Virgin company portfolio.

2014 Webby Awards Nominee

We are honored to be nominated for this award.


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