Virgin wanted to redefine and bring together Virgin’s unique knowledge of travel, entrepreneurship, and music.


We developed an algorithm that delivered hyper-relevant content recommendations based on user habits and spearheaded a content strategy that helped Virgin identify and engage with their key audience.


Users encountered a more immersive, meaningful, and engaging experience, which led to page views per visit increasing by 32%, and a 107.27% uplift in time-on-site.

Content program implementation

We formed a hybrid team including a content specialist, UX designer, senior management, account manager, producer, developer, strategist, and two members of the Virgin client team. Through brainstorms, we filtered ideas down a key concept: “What would happen if TED met Burning Man?” We planned a series of events called “The Disruptors” that would give a platform for innovators, established business leaders, and influencers to debate various topics and stream live on

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Technical architecture

Beyond developed a piece of technology called “The Kinetic Engine,” an algorithm that assessed what types of content users consumed, and which section of the website they were consuming. Based on these users habits, hyper-relevant content recommendations were made, delivering a more immersive, meaningful and and engaging experience to the user.

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Site optimization

The site was designed to be fully responsive at a time when users were just beginning to develop dual-screen habits. We developed a sophisticated ‘lean back’ vs ‘lean forward’ user experience. For ‘lean back’ mode, we delivered immersive content, making full use of Virgin’s rich visual imagery archive and enabling easy integration of long-form content and flexible editorial control. For ‘lean forward,’ we enabled users to discover related content, find a Virgin brand, and quickly search for further information.

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