Google Safe.Page

Google Safe.Page


Google wanted a tool that would educate the next generation of internet creators and users about the value of safety online.


We designed and built an animation-driven website that illustrated the real-world scenarios most impacted by phishing and predatory behaviors.


Our platform empowered Google’s audience to create a safer, more reliable, and more inclusive internet for future users.

Storytelling through inclusive design

Google’s core design challenge was to increase basic literacy around safety to a wide and diverse audience, which meant breaking down the information for quick, clear consumption. We relied on lean copy and animated illustrations to convey the key components of staying safe online in vivid, real-life scenarios. Because phishing impacts everyone, we created a diverse cast of characters, enhancing not only literacy but inclusivity through design.

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Rapid collaboration

Google had three weeks to take this site from conception to development, so we launched a breakneck creative process to deliver an outstanding site in little time. We quickly built out three concepts in dynamic design, working closely with Google to ensure we relayed everything in the best approach possible. Once aligned on a direction, we delivered characters, animation techniques, and copy — and continuous updates on them all.

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Consultative development

With a lot of development and partnership experience under our belts, we were uniquely positioned to support Google’s third party partner in bringing the site to life. We built our designs and animations within the parameters of what could be done in the development time frame. After handing the work off, we remained engaged consultatively. Through regular communication with these developers we made sure they had a thorough understanding of the vision.

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