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Google DoubleClick Marketing

Google DoubleClick



Office: New York


  • User-Centered Design

We created the entire marketing collateral for Google’s DoubleClick product suite.

What was the problem to be solved?

DoubleClick is a powerhouse in the digital media planning industry. The Sales and Marketing teams had many promotions and communications throughout the year, both consumer and customer facing.  They needed a partner that understood their business and their brand, and could help maintain consistent brand messaging across all of their efforts including infographics, print ads, presentations, conferences, and sales materials.

Google Doubleclick

The insights revealed…

Our analysis revealed that disparate teams are all trying to get the same message across via various different platforms and events. A centralised source for branded design and messaging was needed to ensure a consistent voice.

Our strategy was simple: design a consistent look and feel for the brand, that could be leveraged again and again no matter the device, event, or platform.

So what did we do?

We produced creative assets that included infographics, online books, reports, video advertising momentum and mobile advertising trends and event collateral (including all of the creative production DoubleClick’s Client Advisory Board event)



impressions for programmatic infographic


downloads of "Evolution of TV" whitepaper


social impressions of "Evolution of TV" whitepaper


Google award for marketing excellence

What Google said

Our work drove much engagement and reach for DoubleClick.  For the launch of the ‘Programmatic Brand Era’ infographic, our designs received 1.5M page views in the first two weeks alone.

One of our consumer facing presentations, an Ad Age Webcast on how technology is transforming the industry, was seen by 500+ industry professionals, with over 50+ questions asked during the live transmission.  DoubleClick’s other client-facing decks have been seen by hundreds of agencies and advertisers.

On a higher level, the deck sets created for DoubleClick’s CAB conference were seen by approximately 200 Publisher Partners, including CMOs for companies like FOX Networks, CBS Interactive, and Scripps networks.

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