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Vast amounts of consumer market research, condensed into a fun, interactive experience

As part of their mission to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful (not an easy feat!), Google called upon Beyond to help them turn vast amounts of consumer market research into an interactive online experience that’s fun, meaningful and easy to use for anyone interested in data.

From a broad concept of “research meets Pinterest,” the Google Databoard rapidly grew into a multi-device, multi-dimensional publishing tool with a custom CMS and the ability to support editorial streams across multiple topics.

How can Google turn mountains of consumer market research into an interactive and meaningful online experience that’s fun and easy to use for companies, marketers, researchers or anyone else interested in data?

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The Google mission

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

This project was no different…

What did we do?

We always love working with Google, and this time they had quite the challenge for us…

In a collaborative workshop, we used idea generation techniques to sketch out our various ideas. Overall we arrived at the broad concept of “research meets Pinterest.” Through a sequence of creative activities designed to refine our strategies, this idea quickly evolved into “The Google Databoard” – a new platform that enables brands to capture and publish key data-led content and deliver it to their audiences in a build-your-own, ready-to-curate fashion.



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Webby Official Honoree

How did we do it?

The Google Databoard had to be much more than an interactive infographic – it had to be a full-blown application for desktop, tablet and mobile that puts the user in total control.

Our inspiration from Databoard sprang from observing human behaviour, and realising that the world is somewhat desensitised to standard infographics. Our research revealed that people use data more effectively when they’re able to focus on the bits they find most relevant to their personal needs. They highlight what’s relevant and edit out what isn’t to support their argument, much like a storyteller does.

Pushing the boundaries

The Google Databoard catered to this human desire by letting users cherry-pick and share the information that’s most important to them and their social and professional circles. Each data point can be shared individually via email or social channels or stored in a shopping cart until they’re ready to publish something bigger as a complete infographic-style visual.

And so it evolved

Over the course of time, the concept changed from a tablet-only website with two data dimensions into a multi-device, multi-dimensional publishing tool to support editorial streams across multiple topics. Our Databoard grew up, fast

Pixel by pixel, we shifted the look and feel of the product so it would be responsive and user-friendly for over 15 devices and multiple browsers in both portrait and landscape view. We also decided it would be better to build a back-end CMS that would allow editorial teams to work on content without having to see any code.

2014 Webby Awards Nominee

We are honored to be nominated for this award.


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