DoubleClick needed to redesign their brand and develop a new digital presence that inspired advertisers and publishers about the power of programmatic technology.


Through research and collaboration with the DoubleClick team, we identified real users and the real business impact of these complex technologies, designing, building, and writing for people.


After building a custom product, we supplied DoubleClick with a retained product team that led maintenance, optimizations, and content strategy for their digital presence.

Brand identity strategy

DoubleClick had previously conducted research to understand who they were as a brand. We boiled down their insights through a series of workshops, and worked with Google’s design system to develop the logo. DoubleClick as a brand and a company is a connector — bringing the publishing and advertising sides of the industry together. As such, the logo became a manifestation of that connection, showing two, fluid interlocking rings. This fluidity and connectivity became the central design technique that ran through the entire brand and web identity.

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Product development & lifecycle management

DoubleClick needed full control over their web presence to publish and realign their positioning as their teams released new features and products. We developed a custom CMS in close collaboration with Google’s security team, which allowed for flexible features — and new updates over time. We also put a full development team into place, employing agile working methods to move quickly through a product roadmap planned with our primary stakeholder.

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Ongoing digital product management

In addition to technical support, we brought a full experience cohort onto the product team, enabling us to write, design, and strategize new content experiences for the DoubleClick audience. These updates were informed by continual product testing, which uncovered opportunities to build a better user experience and raise more awareness of the potential of programmatic technology. With interactive, immersive reports, editorial management, and exploratory features, we helped DoubleClick better connect to their current and future clients — and connect their clients to each other.

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