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A love affair between data and creativity

We make the customer journey better by removing points of friction.

Using our own methodology Applied Creativity, we scour loads of data—from your company, the marketplace, social media, you name it—to understand how customers engage with your products and services. This allows us to glean insights about any pain points they may experience along the way. Then we design an innovative solution to make sure their whole journey is a good one.

Research and Analytics

Beyond was built digitally from the ground up, with data analytics at its core. We use a range of tools to capture data, but our sharpest tool comes from the minds of our brilliant analysts. Our team is laser-focused on uncovering insights that inform decision making, substantiate intuition and validate assumptions. This is how we do it:

Learn how your audience views your brand.

Using data from top media, consumers online, your customers and influencers, we set reputation benchmarks and measure the core areas to evaluate brand, product and service health.

Understand conversations in the market.

Using conversation analysis, social consumer insights analysis, and whitespace research, we identify conversation trends with key market influencers and customers to help shape your digital strategy.

Understand your customers’ needs through user research.

Having solid research capabilities is vital to our user-centered approach, so we’ve built our agency around it. Through our research, including workshops, surveys and user interviews, we create rich audience personas which help us establish the primary user needs and challenges that our design must overcome.

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Experience Strategy

As the digital space changes at breakneck speeds, we help brands prepare for the future

Bringing together a deep understanding of consumer behaviour and technology trends, we translate the factual data to understand the critical components of a brand, product or service experience (the insight). We then plan and design a series of positive interactions that, when engineered together, constitute an exceptional user experience.

Put simply, experience strategy goes far beyond usability and visual design. We carefully coordinate active and passive interactions, and seek to reduce negative ones. The result is not just products consumers love to use, but positive brand experiences.

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Idea Management

We don’t believe that creativity should be the sole responsibility of “creatives.” We believe everyone who works for Beyond – designers, UX, developers, project managers, client teams, content creators and testers – has the ability to generate fantastic ideas, especially when building them together. We train all of our staff in a specific set of principles that form the foundation for our idea generation techniques. Marrying this approach with our data, insight and strategy processes, we have the ability to efficiently and effectively generate a huge amount of ideas to design experiences that meet user needs.

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Information and Product Design

User Experience Design

By establishing primary user needs, we identify the critical component of a user journey and the points of tension that come with it. Whether it’s being able to search for what you want or make a payment, our team of UX designers carefully orchestrate – through rapid whiteboarding and prototyping tools (and plenty of post-it notes) – a series of micro-interactions that help users navigate your website and achieve their goal more easily. We test our designs with users, gain valuable feedback and iterate until we get it right.


At the heart of every experience and user relationship there is a story – whether it is narrative, understanding a product, or delivering a service. We believe that to deliver better user experiences, you have to think about creating useful, usable and engaging content. In fact, it’s near impossible to create a good experience with bad content. That’s why our content strategists and writers work hand-in-hand with our UX designers to pin-point where a story, language or information can create positive interactions and reduce friction in the user journey.

Visual Design

A first impression is the king of all interactions – a user forms an opinion about your website within 50 milliseconds* and those first impressions are 94% design related. So emphasis on beautiful design is paramount – whether it’s the subtlety of a rollover, immersive brand imagery or carefully-selected typography. And it gets exciting when our visual designers are inspired by and challenge the technology. We never take the easy route; we create meaningful and memorable online experiences that engage your customers.

*Study by Google researchers in International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, vol. 70(11) (2012), pp. 794-811.

Case Studies: GSA Launchpad west elm Workspace NSPCC London Marathon fundraising app

Technology & Engineering

We believe the technology utilised is very much part of the user experience – from the devices we build for, to the creative touches our engineers apply.

With more and more devices exploding into the marketplace, it’s critical that we use a responsive development approach to create a great experience on each and every device. So we test exhaustively to ensure pixel perfection.

We also know that speed matters. Our platform team has created cloud architectures that comfortably scale to hundreds of hits per second, ensuring that our websites are fast and responsive for every user–and for your internal management team. And of course our DevOps team will align with your IT to ensure that we meet any compliance and process requirements to ensure a safe and reliable delivery to your operations and hosting providers.

And instead of just passing work over the fence, we maintain a strong team effort throughout the life cycle of a project. From UX and Design inception to Development and QA delivery, the fundamental collaboration between our teams is key to bringing ambitious project goals to life without ever sacrificing quality and scope.

Case Studies: GSA Launchpad NSPCC London Marathon fundraising app DoubleClick’s Programmatic New Year Quiz

Measurement & Optimization

We believe data is critical not only in forming the basis for planning and strategy, but also in helping continuously improve the experience a brand delivers. As a first step, we help clients design the key performance indicators that align with their business goals. That way we can best assess the impact of the products and experiences we help create, breaking those KPIs down into tangible goals that help drive product and marketing roadmaps.

Web analytics

We monitor user behaviour through analytics tools to track KPIs and diagnose any user journey issues. We also utilise optimisation tools such as Multivariate and AB testing to validate proposed enhancements and optimise performance.

Sentiment and engagement measurement

We measure the impact on your brand of your product and marketing activities, providing custom KPIs to measure brand sentiment drivers and engagement levels across media, social and industry influencer conversations.


Our design process begins and ends with human insights. We don’t make assumptions, and your go-to-market strategy should be no different. Using advanced SEO techniques, our SEO consultants are meticulous at ensuring search data informs our design and development process, giving your product the best possible chance of being found and converting site visitors to customers.

We believe that timely measurement is the key to driving successful product and marketing strategies through ongoing measurement and optimisation.

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