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Office: New York


  • Research & Measurement
  • User-Centered Design
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Creating a platform that connects and facilitates 10,000 people around the world to work better together

The Challenge

Viacom is one of the leading entertainment companies in the world, boasting brands like MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon (just to name a few). With creativity built into the core of their company, fostering a culture that nurtures that creativity amongst its employees is business critical. Back in 2013 Viacom came to us to completely re-think their internal employee portal. We helped them solve that.

This was our baseline:

Our Process

In order to design the optimal solution for Viacom, it was important we followed a disciplined user-centric process. This included an iterative process of discovery, user need assessment (both on the part of content creators and content consumers), persona creation, user journey development, IA card sorting / site & content mapping / prototyping, user testing, visual design and ultimately technical integration.Viacom Sharepoint UX 1.1

Once we started to dig in further, we unearthed a treasure trove of insights about their users, which ultimately would lead to a highly personalized user experience and content strategy.

To begin, however, we needed to break down all of the content and features that existed on the initial portal and start to build it back up again from the ground up (while adding new stuff, of course).

Quantitative and qualitative research gave us the framework we needed to build a user-centric UX, design and content strategy that systematically and creatively addressed core user needs. What we found people really wanted was:

  • Deep personalization
  • Social collaboration
  • Broad accessibility (at work and at home)
  • A beautiful, modern design
  • Improved navigation (vast majority of people start with the Search feature)

This fueled our creative thinking, in collaboration with the Viacom portal core team, to design a series of unique features and editorial strategies. These included:

  • Personalized quick links / sub-navigation
  • “Happening Now” editorial hub section
  • “Top Comments” surfaced at the beginning of articles
  • Discussions / “marketplace” community section
  • Customizable “My Profile”
  • Ability to follow other users
  • Engaging FAQ section that allows users to submit questions to experts

The end result is something both we, and Viacom, can really be proud of. Stuart Winchester, Director of Internal Digital Content and Communications said:

Viacom needed an intranet that served the needs of all employees while offering a customized experience. An intuitive interface, bold visual design, and content strategy focused on timely and engaging pieces covered the former, while robust social features, a personal profile page, and customizable quick links created the latter. The result is a site that is truly worthy of Viacom, a social and digital hub that reflects the creative energy that is our lifeblood.

We like to agree, and think the result speaks for itself.

Welcome to the Greenroom

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