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Creatively showcasing Google-facilitated brand success stories

As part of their mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful, Google called upon Beyond to help them visualize the ThinkwithGoogle site. This was achieved through the development of illustrated assets and banners, to keep the data store fun and easy for everyone to access and enjoy.

What did we do?

We always love working with Google due to their creative flair and appreciation of material design – their new line approach to universal experience branding.

We created numerous illustrations to showcase the Google case studies on the site. These were designed to represent the brands and their digital success stories and demonstrate how Google facilitated this.

Evolving this creative approach into other assets

This evolved into Beyond creating a host of additional creative assets to promote and to be hosted on the TwG site.

Google requested Beyond’s support in developing a set of Flash banner ads to promote the TwG CondeNast, Telegraph and eBay case studies. These were published on online media channels across Germany and the UK. As part of Material Design, interface and transitional animation is also integral to the experience. We worked with Google to ensure our animations complied with brand standards and enriched the flow of the banners.

Beyond created illustrations to support ‘Britain’s 11 biggest mobile moments in 2015’. These illustrations needed to support Google’s statistics around key happenings such as Valentine’s day, Grand National and series five of Game of Thrones. Material Design requires the illustrations to be playful, simple, and possess  added depth of texture  in order to conform to their ‘third dimension’ brand pillar. Our illustrator worked with Google to create simple stories for each page, starting with pen sketch concepts and eventually refining them as digital artwork.

Google briefed Beyond on a project to create a high spec magazine with a selection of popular articles on the TwG site. Working with a team at Google, we developed a template that encompassed both the brand values, but also a creative magazine feel. Each layout was customized to suit the typography, copy, and overall story, to encourage easy reading combined with an entertaining and emotive design. This template will then be used to create future editions, maintaining the structure but updating the content to complement their new focus.

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