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Harnessing nostalgia and elements of delight, we brought Sainsbury’s culture and heritage to life.

Sainsbury’s came to Beyond with an extraordinary wealth of historical content from their archive in the Museum of London. We helped Sainsbury’s bring this content to life by building an online home and creating fully immersive digital and meaningful experiences that allowed stakeholders to imbibe Sainsbury’s culture and heritage with a nostalgic twist.

Sainsbury’s had 145 years worth of their illustrious history buried in The Museum of London, from photographs and magazines to packaging and ration books.

How could we resurrect this extraordinary content and make it available to all on an immersive digital platform? And how could we use it to tell the story of Sainsbury’s wonderful heritage, tying in present day and future campaigns?

Sainsbury's_Living Archive

Sainsbury’s have a clear vision…

…to be the most trusted retailer, where people love to work and shop. Our approach sought to encapsulate this vision every step of the way.

What did we do?

When Beyond met Sainsbury’s, sparks flew. But Sainsbury’s needed our help…

Following our Applied Creativity process, we proposed the creation of ‘Sainsbury’s Living Archive’ – an online home to showcase Sainsbury’s heritage with an emphasis on creating a fantastic user experience that would capture peoples’ imaginations and could be continually populated with archive content, year after year.

We took complete ownership of the project, creating everything from the ground up. This included the site’s fully responsive design & development, a comprehensive content strategy and a team of content producers.

How did we do it?

Content strategy
We outlined a set of key themes such as Christmas, Heritage and Easter and used them to create collections of highly interactive stories that were built around visual content from Sainsbury’s archive.

Design, development and user experience
We implemented a multitude of bespoke functionality such as parallax scrolling, slideshows, before-and-after-style sliders, full width imagery, self-populating graphs and an asset viewer that allowed users to view each archive asset in incredible detail. This made the user experience totally immersive, endlessly engaging and truly meaningful. It encouraged people to revisit the Sainsbury’s Living Archive, time and again.

Sainsbury's_Living Archive

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