Screenshots of the Purplebricks application on a grey background.
Screenshots of the Purplebricks application on a grey background.

Laying the foundations for Purplebricks’ growth

When Purplebricks’ growth plateaued, they engaged us for help. After conducting extensive research, we identified their pricing model as a sticking point, and used our expertise to redesign its structure to help them recapture market share and win a brand new audience.

  • Delighting customers to unlock the next phase of growth
  • Empowering agents with market data and insights
  • Evolving pricing, enabling in-market pilots and a national roll-out

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Expanding into new markets

Purplebricks revolutionised the estate agency market with its hybrid proposition when it launched in 2015 – offering customers a simpler and more affordable buying and selling experience driven by data and dedicated local property experts, not salespeople chasing big commissions.

Its market share grew considerably over the first five years, but momentum slowed. Not everyone was sold on the offer, and Purplebricks engaged us to find out what to do next.

Partnering with Purplebricks' leadership and product and technology teams, we built a robust customer-centric product strategy; designed to address the biggest obstacles to growth and expand their total addressable market.

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Building the estate agent of the future

To reinvigorate growth, we needed to understand why uptake held flat, and how to appeal to the 92% of the market who still used the high-street alternatives each year. We embedded a team of experts to lead Purplebricks through a phased approach of product discovery, consisting of regular customer and agent interviews, prototyping, and market research.

Connecting with people from across the business and at all levels – from customer support to compliance – we explored various ideas and routes to provide new value to customers. Our team identified initiatives best placed to increase the addressable market and drive customer trust in our proposition. We adopted the mindset of Purplebricks’ customers and conducted research to gain an insight into their experiences during the moments that matter.

Our research, the data we had acquired, and first-hand observations highlighted Purplebricks’ pricing model as a key limiter when it came to future growth. It was time to revolutionise the pricing model to be the market disruptor once again.

Execution /

Selling a new experience

Together we designed a new pricing strategy that focused on lowering the barriers to instruction, and highlighting the core value the service provides – they sell more houses than any other estate agent brand.

Split and deferred payments, guarantees, and two-tier pricing models would enable Purplebricks to target new audiences with a proposition tailored to their circumstances.

This formed just part of a radical change to the future customer experience. We created a compelling vision of the future, defining the moments that matter most to their customers in the future, and bringing to life the future experience and how we would win in those moments.

And, to ensure everyone was aligned, we created an engaging product strategy, bringing clarity and focus, and communicating intent and direction to colleagues, investors, and executives.

Impact /

The next chapter

Our work with Purplebricks laid the foundations for continued growth imagining what the experience for customers should be in the future, in the moments that matter most – and showing how Purplebricks would win in those moments, by putting the customer at the heart of everything they do.

Purplebricks continues to lead in their industry as the largest estate agent brand in the country, selling more houses each year than anyone else. They're on track to realise their mission to achieve 10% market share by 2025 by being the go-to place to buy, sell or let your home.

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It is about BREAKTHROUGH. You look outwards when you need a breakthrough! We turned to Beyond when we needed new thinking on our product, to move to the next stage in our lifecycle.

Vic Darvey
Chief Executive Officer, Purplebricks

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