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Phoneshop by Sainsbury’s

Phoneshop by Sainsbury’s



Office: London


  • Research & Measurement

Sainsbury’s, one of the largest supermarkets in the UK, approached us to provide a digital design and UX solution for their Phoneshop e-commerce product website, in order to reposition it as a competitive pay-monthly provider in a well established market.

Always start with the data

We began by running focus groups to understand our target audience, women aged between 30 and 45, and their perceptions of telecoms competitors. We was that we needed to understand their primary needs in purchasing telecoms products in order to create the right experience for this audience.

Our insights

After conducting our research analysis, we discovered that we had to base our UX decisions on four key principles in order to deliver an enhanced mobile buying and services experience. These were trust, simplicity, value and service.

What did you do?

We worked with Sainsbury’s in an agile process of rapid prototype development, end-user testing and reactive design.

Taking the user stories we developed from our initial focus group research, and using rapid concepts and card sorting on whiteboards, we created a series of flow diagrams mapping the primary user journeys. Referencing competitor sites and drawing upon simple and intuitive search interactions, we began to develop the experience throughout our wireframing process.

We created clickable wireframe prototypes to test with our end users. This was done in two ways: first we used online tool to obtain quick feedback on initial ideas. After refining these wireframes further, we used dedicated user-testing facilities to test our designs with our target audience. The testing found that we had successfully designed a simple search solution, but elements of trust – when it came to monthly payment calculations – and value were not being communicated clearly. Based on this human insight, our wireframes were adjusted and retested for validation.

The result

We created a natural language-focused, search experience that guided a less tech-savvy audience through the online buying journey, while providing reassurance and delivering a comprehensible breakdown of information.

The site was fully responsive, encouraging purchases across multiple platforms and devices. The site also focused on the value benefits of a pay-monthly contract with Sainsbury’s, in particular the Nectar loyalty scheme, multi-user packages and family focused bill management through My Account services.

Part of a wider transformational programme, the new Phoneshop by Sainsbury’s site is due to launch in 2015. We wait with anticipation… and our analytics hats on!

What Sainsbury’s said

As with all projects, requirements change over time, and through our partnership approach Sainsbury’s were pleased that we were always ready to address these changes with speed and incredible creativity.

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