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NSPCC Fundraising Inspiration

NSPCC Fundraising Inspiration



Office: London


  • Creative Technology & Engineering

A personalised questionnaire that helps users discover what kind of fundraiser they are and which fundraising events are most relevant for them to get involved in

The NSPCC told us that there was a lack of awareness about the multitude of ways regular fundraisers can donate to the charity. It can be a lot more fun and inclusive than running a marathon!

So we needed to design a tool that could be integrated in the NSPCC’s already existing website, that not only provided inspiration for fun and easy ways to fundraise, but also promoted the NSPCC’s priority events and activities.

What did we do?

We wanted to take a human approach, and we needed to understand our fundraising audience in order to provide them with ideas to hook them. In collaboration with the NSPCC, we agreed upon a recommendation tool,

How did we do it?

We built a fully responsive, personalised and fun visual questionnaire that helps the user find out more about activities they could do as a fundraiser for NSPCC. By asking soft touch questions framed in a lighthearted way, we could understand NSPCC’s audience. Rather than just asking their age, location and preference for spending time or money, users were asked questions such as “how many candles on your birthday cake” and “it’s your best friend’s birthday…would you rather make or buy them a present?” After some number and data crunching, the tool provides users with personalised fundraising ideas personalised to them.

The results

The fundraising inspiration tool is now fully integrated with the NSPCC website.

Supported by an NSPCC marketing drive, they have seen increased traffic to the site and increased levels of engagement. Time will tell if the site successfully diversifies and increase the number NSPCC’s fundraising activities – we certainly hope so.

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