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Mastercard Love This City


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Beyond designed and developed an entirely new experience and architecture, creating much clearer navigation and new ways to discover content to the cities that people love.

Mastercard’s “Love This City” platform was designed to help people explore the world’s cities by allowing them to define their wants and needs. The platform would then recommend places, restaurants, galleries etc. based on these needs, creating a meaningful experience for its visitors.

But their current platform wasn’t engaging for users and was full of friction points: the call to action was unclear, the navigation was confusing, and the site lacked basic elements like a homepage. Naturally, the bounce rate was unacceptably high.

MasterCard asked us to redesign the user experience to keep people actively engaged with the site.

The Mastercard way

MasterCard is focused on enhancing the value of its brand for its customers.

We were given the perfect opportunity to do just that…

What did we do?

When Beyond heard Mastercard wanted to work with us, naturally we were flattered. But Mastercard had a problem.

We took a critical look at what worked about the existing site and, more importantly, what didn’t. We discovered that users loved the content but found it hard to navigate, and the lack of a homepage meant that visitors were landing on city pages that weren’t relevant to them.



Page views quadrupled instantly on launch


global cities to explore

How did we do it?

We completely rethought how users navigate the site and developed a new content architecture. Wherever possible, we added new ways to discover content, and we built a dedicated homepage that gave users a clear starting point. To align better with the personal and playful nature of the campaign, we updated the design aesthetic to be more visual, and we included big, beautiful imagery where possible.

The future of Love This City

We continue to add new features and content on a monthly basis to boost engagement levels and drive the bounce rate ever lower.

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