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Inspired By Data



Office: New York


  • User-Centered Design
  • Creative Technology & Engineering

We teamed up with Google to build an interactive microsite that inspires and engages all digital marketers (from analysts to directors) to learn about the power and possibilities of data and insights.


The Challenge
Google needed to showcase complex advertising product capabilities in a content format that was not only inspiring and educational, but easy to navigate and share.

The Approach
We collaborated with the team at Google to understand what business goals they were hoping to meet through this site — and the business goals of their audience. We bridged those needs by providing bite-sized, inspirational tips, which expand to real world case studies of campaigns that advertisers could recreate with Google products.

The Value
Within a month of launching the site, results revealed significant engagement with the highly visual format. Users visited on average 13+ pages per session, and produced high link-sharing rates. Audiences pored through technological stories, discovering new capabilities and possibilities, at their own pace.


Key Highlights

Immersive Design
Because the visible tips were constrained to a sentence or two, we needed to enhance each story through design and imagery. We built a site that displayed full-screen images to speak for each tip, with intuitive navigational elements that encouraged further exploration.

Creative Process
Both the content and site structure emerged as solutions to the same problem: How to relay complex information in a digestible, inspirational format. The experience and development teams collaborated to build and iterate copy, imagery, and navigational elements that served the user journey.

Client Collaboration
Copywriters created and contributed to copy docs with the client to ensure alignment on all materials — and allow for real time feedback. Working so closely with Google allowed us to move from conception to creation nimbly, and navigate approvals in hours, not weeks.

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