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Build with Google Cloud

Build with Google Cloud


Office: San Francisco


  • User-Centered Design
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We helped establish Google Cloud as an industry innovator by creating a thought-leadership editorial platform called Build with Google Cloud.

The Challenge
Our client was looking for a partner who could help them design and build a content marketing platform to help promote Google Cloud. The Google Cloud team felt there was opportunity to leverage a fresh editorial approach to connect to their customers with a thought-leadership platform.

The Approach
Our journey began by gathering insights and data through focus group testing and surveys to create a bespoke UI and visual identity that deeply engaged the target audience. Given a highly aggressive timeline, we collaborated with Google to tightly align goals and KPIs, which allowed us to identify high-value features that we could build quickly.

The Value
Build with Google Cloud was created to resource and inspire a unique group of technology leaders who are becoming movers and shakers in industry and society. We ensured that this was accomplished by using our research to prioritize features that offer value for the user and are optimized for further market growth.

Key Highlights

Lean Research
Lean discovery helped us gather the insights we needed in half the time, so we could get busy building.

Validation-Oriented Approach
We built a measurement model using a KPI framework and metrics, gathered data and insights from surveys and user testing and were able to make decisions with confidence through pre-validation from Product, Design, and Development teams.

Our close partnership under a united vision enabled quick decision-making.

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