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Office: New York


  • User-Centered Design
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Helping Google promote how they bring the world's leading operating system to business users around the world.

Google is a company that is becoming more and more equated with powering nearly every aspect of the consumer experience. But, that is only one side of the coin in their robust product strategy. Google for Work is a division that is focused on bringing the magic of Google to the global workforce, and we were lucky enough to help them do this for one of their flagship products – Android.

The focus of the site (which is a multi-phased project) is to clearly communicate the benefits of Android to an IT audience. Security, management, and the productivity benefits are incredibly important points that needed to be designed and articulated in a way that resonated with a very savvy group of users. It was important we integrated our UX, content, design and technical teams throughout the process, while also collaborating with the client early and often. In the end, the result was a website that does Android justice – a clean, clear, powerful visual representation of what this product can do for business users around the world.

Check out the site (it’s fully responsive, so works wonderfully on tablet & mobile) and be on the lookout for more updates on Android for Work, as it’s a product line that is poised to really make some waves this year.

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