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Kim Milosevich

Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

Kim Milosevich is a partner at Andreessen Horowitz where she focuses on the branding, content, and communications of the firm and its portfolio companies which include Twitter, Pinterest, Airbnb, Oculus and Coinbase. In this role she works with Andreessen Horowitz's general partners to help them build thought leadership platforms on topics ranging from bitcoin to drones to the sharing economy that aim to shape the technology industry. When she's not working with the firm's partners, she teams closely with the Mark Zuckerbergs of tomorrow as they develop their marketing and communications approach. Prior to Andreessen Horowitz, Kim led global consumer and product communications for Skype based in London. And prior to Skype, Kim was integral in leading international product and tech PR at Yahoo!, where she helped evangelize the company's product, developer and research efforts in more than 60 markets outside the U.S. Before her time in London working with Skype and Yahoo!, she lived in San Francisco and worked at The OutCast Agency where she elevated the profiles and managed the reputations for start-ups, venture capitalists and established brands including Yahoo!, Mozilla, Mercury Interactive, TiVo and others. Kim has a B.S. in Economics from Pennsylvania State University and is originally from Colorado.