Why Search Beats Social Media – Talk at OnTheEdge

Published on May 12, 2012

There's a lot more to the user journey than a simple click. We look at the research behind why search beats social media.

The inaugural OnTheEdge conference brought together marketing professionals from across the spectrum on Thursday June 21st in London. I was invited to speak about SEO and PPV on the day and was asked to create an edgy, radical, different program than I usually did. Thus my search for images of dead penguins and pandas began. At the end of the search, I had some slides encompassing the range of algorithm signals from links to social and everything in-between. With 30 minutes, it was a rapid-fire talk but I did get across the message that SEO was extremely important despite social media being the darling of the moment and how social media played into search, both for rankings and independent search results (thus potentially squeezing out the competition). There are, of course, caveats of scale as with any social media endeavour – G+ may seem to be a ranking factor according to one syudy but by how much and what the factors are that go into the assessment of the legitimacy of an account are still unknown. Is 300 Google +1’s all that is needed? Will this number go up? Will quality factors also come into play? These and many more factors are unknown but one thing is certain – our 7 types of sharer do share from social media across different types of social media for different reasons and understanding that to engage them properly is key for both social media and search. My slides are below – enjoy!

How Search Beats Social Media for Visibility from Judith Lewis