UX Fair 2016: Imagining the Future of Experiences

Published on August 5, 2016

Our team has been working hard to imagine the future of experiences, ready for an interactive session at our San Francisco studio on Wednesday 10th August. Unfortunately, tickets are already sold out, but we will be sharing our experiences here on our blog very soon for everyone who can’t be there. Until then, read on for an idea of what we’ll be doing at UX Fair.

Great UX is about making things work in ways that people love. That’s why UX Fair 2016: Imagining the Future of Experiences is structured a little differently than most events.

How’s this event different?

Learning is way more fun when you actually get to do something. In this interactive session, we’ll use next-gen tech and creative thinking to discuss, concept, and design solutions for a series of creative problems. The ultimate aim is to create a better human experience—and maybe even a better society.

What we’ll cover

We’ll cover three topics, each with its own creative challenges:

  • The past, present, and future of VR: What’s next for design on this new tech frontier?
  • The self-driving car experience: How will the user journey change when the car drives itself?
  • UX and Autism: How can we harness the power of UX to enhance the lives of those with autism?

Who’s running the session?

We’re Beyond, a global experience design agency with a client list that includes Google, West Elm, Facebook, GE, and Viacom.