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Science of Sharing: 7 Types of Sharers

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Written by: Beyond

Published on: November 24, 2011

We just wrapped up our Science of Sharing event in London this evening. This event was the culmination of research by BeyondLexis, M Booth and Redshift all Next Fifteen Communications companies.

How has social media changed the way consumers make purchase decisions? We asked 1,500 UK consumers in two surveys what most influenced them online, as well as how and why they influenced others. What we found was that the consumer is an increasingly influential part of the conversation.

Today’s social consumer is one that can either be categorised as a high or low sharer, who utilises various digital channels differently depending on whether he or she is researching and interacting with high or low involvement products. High sharers prove to be the most valuable to brands as they recommend products 3x more often and influence others’ purchases. By identifying high sharers, their preferred channels, and the reasons why they share, marketers can engage them with sharable content, thereby increasing the dynamic of sharing. This acts as a positive amplifier leading towards a virtuous cycle of recommendation, loyalty and purchase.

Our white paper report can be found here. The UK version of our infographic is below. The research design and analysis was performed by Beyond and Lexis, and the surveys were fielded by Redshift using its consumer panels to conduct over 3,000 online interviews in the UK and US.