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Published on: January 18, 2013

Facebook as a platform is a very powerful thing. This is certainly not news – but the unique angles and lenses you can view this fact from can be really fascinating.

Take, for instance, cultural events. In many ways, Facebook has become a proxy for society as a whole, and by analyzing data about how people discuss cultural events you can actually get a pretty close handle on the pulse of what people care about. And, we’re lucky enough to work closely with Facebook to do just this. The application of this work, at least lately, has come in the form of creative visual assets that help tell stories about people / events / milestones via data.

It’s not such a bad job. We’ve been able to dive into trends around the Oscars, Valentine’s Day and March Madness and help bring them to life with design. And, as you would have it, people tend to like these little assets. The folks from Mashable and AllFacebook have written about these infographics.

Here’s a quick preview of what we’ve been working on:

To view them in their full glory see below:

Facebook Oscars 2013 Trends

Top Valentine’s Day Trends On Facebook

Facebook March Madness

March Madness Final Four


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