Creative Cloud 2015 is here

Published on June 23, 2015

With the release of Creative Cloud 2015, Beyond investigated this new Adobe suite. As we expected, new features across a variety of apps will be updated, but we were very impressed that Adobe has taken the new Creative Cloud 2015 to the next level through a more unified, integrated experience.

The release of Creative Cloud 2015 has transformed our Adobe suite to work faster and more efficiently. Additional features have been added to our existing suite, such as the introduction of artboards in Photoshop. This Sketch-like element allows you to design for desktop, tablet and mobile within the same Photoshop file. Illustrator’s new key features are GPU zoom which allows for a more efficient animated zoom – up to 10 times more than before. Also, the new addition of CC Libraries allow you to create a library of assets per project including colours, fonts, and images which can be shared with other designers and collaborators. This can be found across most of the suite, so access to assets is simplified.

With an endless list of updated features within the Adobe Suite, the most significant element is the new addition of mobile apps that allow you to work across a variety of platforms through Adobe sync technology. This allows you to start your design on your phone, add more detail on your tablet and then finalize the design on your desktop.

Apps such as Adobe Brush, Adobe Shape, Adobe Comp and Adobe Illustrator Draw allow you to work across all platforms, from mobile to desktop, as the apps are seamlessly synced together. These integrated apps have their own key features such as Adobe Shape CC, which can turn any shape into a vector simply by using your camera. It is also possible to create custom brushes using the same method. Adobe Comp CC has the capability to create layouts for mobile, print or web from your device and send them to your indesign programme for the final touches.

The new addition of Adobe Stock allows you to filter through millions of royalty-free, high-quality images while inside your apps. With the use of Adobe Libraries CC, these images can be synced throughout your apps so you will have access to them across all platforms.

The ability to work across a variety of platforms from anywhere at anytime will be a great addition to the Beyond offices. We now have the ability to collaborate, explore and experiment more freely across a unified platform. Collaboration and creativity can be shared from any device, capturing inspiration when it strikes. Creativity is always at our fingertips and Creative Cloud has made this easier to capture, explore and integrate. We are very excited to see if Creative Cloud can take us to the next level.