Digital Trends and Branded Content #15: Powered by the Sun

Published on June 12, 2013

What is it?

There’s not much point in having a great digital campaign if people can’t get online. The increasingly viewed YouTube video below showcases Nivea’s Solar Powered iPhone charger. It liberates people from power sockets so they can work on their tan for longer this summer. Thinking of their customer’s first, Nivea have bought cutting edge innovation to one of the oldest messaging mediums.

Have a look:


Why do I like it?

  1. Nivea understands their customers. By definition you are going to be outdoors if you are using Sun Cream. Nivea have thought about which pain points in people’s outdoor lives they can eradicate, keeping customers on the beach for longer using more of their product. Like with great digital communications, the message itself should add value to people’s lives while promoting the brand’s core proposition. This is the offline version of a handy app or nifty facebook plug-in and Nivea come across as pioneering Sun gods.
  2. Innovation doesn’t have to happen online. SmartPhones may be quickly becoming our essential connection to each other and the online world but they have some very obvious failings. For one battery life. This campaign shows that Nivea understand digital but don’t need to compete for share of voice on it every time. In fact by using print for their message they give stand out from the crowd and tread their own path. If the idea is good enough people will talk about it on the web for you.