Beyond Creates Mobile App for YouTube Brandcast

Published on April 29, 2013

“Google presents YouTube Brandcast” is an annual event bringing advertisers together to provide a forum where they can engage their core audience through various channel and program offerings available via Google and YouTube.

After involving Beyond in the 2012 Brandcast event – which profiled stars like Julia Stiles, Flo Rida and Jay-Z to name a few – the Brandcast team reached out to us again in anticipation of the 2013 event, being held in New York City on May 1.

In brief, the event allows all different types of advertisers to come together on one night to discover new ways to promote their product on targeted channels and shows on YouTube. For example, a new line of eyeshadows can be specifically promoted on channels targeting women in the 18-34 demographic, while the latest energy drink can be profiled in banner ads or commercials for the UFC channel. The idea behind it all is to get advertisers and even regular users to consider YouTube channels in the same way as network and cable television to be able to promote their latest product or concept but among a more specific and targeted audience.

This time around, our brief was to create an appealing mobile experience. The goal was to create something that would really complement the live event experience, from providing the “second screen” to keynote presentations and promoting channel offerings for adverts to displaying practical information such as event timings and travel advice, all the while ensuring that everything could be shared easily on social. All of this needed to be squeezed into a simple mobile application since users would be hitting the site for the first time at the Brandcast event.

The coolest part of the app, in our humble opinion, is definitely the “second screen” experience, where the site acts as a personal slideshow display for the keynote speaker. During keynote speeches, instead of presenting slides in the typical format, a Brandcast staff member will instead be “pushing” the speaker’s slides to audience’s mobile devices, as the presentation is running. Pretty neat, huh?

Stay tuned for an updated report from the Brandcast event after it goes live this week.