Beyond a job: Join the journey – DEVOPS

Published on August 17, 2016

Our team is rapidly growing and we need you to come and be part of the Beyond story. In this chapter, we’re looking for DEVOPS professionals. Read on if you think you can be part of the team.

…and a rift in space-time swallowed half the galaxy. The great divide betwixt creative aliens and cyborg-sheriffs threatened the very fabric that allowed everything be. A hero emerges, a mastermind of operational efficiency and technological diplomacy. He will use his techno-kinetic powers along with his trusty weapons, cloud computing and networking, to seal the cracks in space and reveal clear deployment pipelines. Through him, the office will unite under a common purpose of achieving shorter times to market and improved customer satisfaction.

At Beyond our team of intergalactic traders awaits the rise of a new hero. One who’s not afraid to waltz the fine line between productivity and reliability. One who can secure them from unlawful leaks of information. One who can stand as a beacon of unity within a formless environment.

Opportunities for new DEVOPS professionals have arrived at Beyond London and New York studios. If you’re looking to take your career above and Beyond, please follow:

And for future career updates please follow Beyond on LinkedIn