12 trends for 2015: What marketers should be thinking about in digital

Published on December 19, 2014

As a new year is upon us, our strategy team here at Beyond has produced a research report identifying twelve trends we think will shape digital experiences in the next year.

These trends are all interlinked and part of macro trends that we believe we’ll see playing out over the next five years.

We are without a doubt seeing the relentless rise of the marketing technologists, driven by media consumption shifting firmly to digital, and availability of data at a massive scale.

At the same time, despite the rise of automation, the human dimension of digital experiences becomes ever more important as we enter a post-PC era where emotional design and natural interfaces are the keys to making sure technology is an enabler and not a barrier.

With the proliferation of connected devices, we’ll see the continued blurring of the digital and physical worlds. This means that there will be no such thing as an offline brand in the future. And as pervasive algorithms use our personal data to anticipate our needs, we become ever more accustomed to our daily tasks becoming easier to accomplish.


12 Trends for 2015: What Marketers Should Be Thinking About in Digital from Beyond

We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on these trends.