What we do
and why we do it

Our vision is to create a frictionless world

Beyond helps companies create amazing connected experiences, making products more enjoyable, simpler and easy to use.

By 2020 there will be over 50bn connected devices, and the Internet and marketing technology spend will have outpaced traditional IT spend. To harness this potential requires a new approach to reach people – one that isn't limited by location or device.

Here's how we're doing it

We believe in innovation through iteration and intimate collaboration with clients and users

Beyond has developed its own methodology called Applied Creativity. It's a rigorous approach that relies heavily on data to identify points of tension in customer journeys. We then use these to inform a creative process that uses sophisticated idea generation techniques followed by phases of enrichment and constant refinement.

This is why we believe in it

We believe data is the lifeblood of creativity: we don't do assumptions

Beyond was built digitally from the ground up with data analytics at its core. We produce our own trend research using our dedicated analytics team and have a proven track record of working with technology companies that are shaping the future like Apple, Google and Facebook.

These are our people driving it

We're all about the T-shaped person

We have an exceptional multi-discipline team that includes designers, technologists, analysts, researchers and content strategists. Despite high levels of specialism, we highly value an individual's ability to work broadly across more than one of these disciplines.