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06 Dec 2012 Rich Media to the (Engagement) Rescue?

Opera software just released its new "The State of Mobile Advertising" report for Q2 2012, and amongst the collection of interesting stats was one set, which was of great interest to us here at Beyond. We develop a lot of rich media mobile content (as well as ads), so we know how engaging it makes the mobile experience. It was nice to see the validation in the form of some benchmarks. 

As the report states, "leveraging the native functions of mobile devices — such as sophisticated HTML and camera interfaces — has been shown to have a direct correlation to time spent interacting with the ad unit." The chart below shows engagement metrics for ads that use the phone's photo-taking as getting an average dwell time of 1:25 and a completion rate of 48%, while video has a dwell time of 52 seconds and a completion rate of an impressive 66%. Both are pretty good indications that there is hope for advertising provided it takes proper advantage of what mobile devices are capable of. 

Dwell time & interaction rates


And this fact doesn't seem lost on advertisers, judging by the data in the report. HTML5 rich media ads are growing fast, cannibalising standard and expandable banner executions (growing from 28% to 51% in the report's observations of executions of mobile ad formats). 

Another very interesting stat is that the eCPMs on iPads have now reached an eyepopping $3.96 - that's almost 20x what a regular Windows phone's average eCPM is at, and shows how much more effective an ad can be with a glossier and more engaging execution format. And tablet ad executions are already up 140% from 2011, according to the report. 

Finally, there's a great quote in the report from Andrew Nevils, Managing Director of Point Reach: "as opposed to mobile sites which often follow a one-size-fits-all model supporting the lowest common denominator of feature phones.. you can now create self-contained ‘microsites as ad units’ — immersive experiences that can double as or even mitigate the need for a mobile destination, reducing costs and minimizing the steps to conversion.”

I believe that we'll see a lot more of these microsites which take full advantage of the best mobile platforms out there, as brands get frustrated with the compromises they have to make with regular mobile sites. 

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